URPackage - ur approved program.

The average customer seeking special financing will visit two to three generic application Web sites for pre-approval each day until they find the instant gratification that they are looking for. However, when customers are pre-approved/qualified for an auto loan, they will stop their search because what these individuals are really searching for is someone to treat them with dignity and respect. By using the UR Approved program, visitors to your dealership’s site will be able to achieve their goal and start searching for their next automobile.

Take control of your leads and supply special financing directly to your customers.

Through our services remove dependency on expensive 3rd party leads and increase exclusivity over your customers information by generating your own leads. The UR Approved program was designed from 20+ years of special finance experience with automotive dealers in mind. Our aim is to empower you as the dealer and UR Approved gives our clients the ability to provide financing without the usual high costs and maintenance, which adds cumulative income to your bottom line.

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