Mobile Solutions Video.

Mobile Solutions Video


How it works.

  • TDS Bluetooth/WiFi marketing scans for bluetooth and wifi enabled devices in a range custom set to your specific needs.
  • A message is sent out with your business name and a call to action requesting permission to send the campaign directly out.
  • Once the user grants permission, TDS Bluetooth sends the ad campaign directly to their bluetooth-wifi enabled device.
  • The wifi marketing solution works in a similar way to a Hotels wifi hotspot. When you log on to the wifi connection and refresh your browser it immediately redirects the user to the advertising content page like a hotel redirects you to the payment page upon initiation.
  • Using wifi you are capable of delivering larger files such as high quality video.
  • Through unique programming we are able to make content available via the web once the user has moved away from the wifi zone. This allows ongoing interaction with the ability for data capture and online mobile commerce.
  • With the global emergence of wifi enabled smart phones we have a wifi product that when run in conjunction with Bluetooth enables you to deliver advertising and marketing content to 95% of mobile phones.
  • Most notably the iPhone blocks bluetooth transfer but with the incorporated wifi solution we now have a system capable of delivering your content

Voice your message to ANYONE, ANYWHERE through their mobile device.

Why use it. The benefits of bluetooth & wifi marketing.

  • It’ Simple! At least 75% of your customers may be reached via Bluetooth with an additional percentage via WIFI on cellular devices and tablets
  • Content received in live time
  • Accepted with permission and full measurability.
  • Uniqueness, Bluetooth is new and exciting a step ahead of your competition
  • TDS Bluetooth/WiFi marketing uses cutting edge mobile technology as a media channel to provide cost-effective and wireless targeted marketing that puts you far ahead of your competition!
  • Downloads are free for handset owners.
  • Faster downloads than MMS.
  • Does not transmit over cellular networks - no user cost.
  • A clear and measureable campaign tactic to increase ROI.
  • Target specific groups, locations, and times.
  • SAFE & SECURE - doesnt not access numbers or data.. The user chooses whether to particpate or not.

Mobile Advertising Spend Estimated at $14.4bn in 2011.

Reports that put you in charge.

  • You cannot manage what you cannot measure! That is why TDS offers complete and comprehensive reporting when you need it!
  • 24/7 Statistics
  • PDF and Excel Report
  • Detailed Campaign Scheduling
  • Manage data complexity with our set of convenient tools
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