eShark live chat - online customer service

With so many people conducting research and shopping online, it’s easy to forget how beneficial in-person customer service can be. The goal of Today’s Dealer Solutions is simple - deliver more organic leads to your dealership. Over 50% of all customers that we speak with via our chat service will become profitable leads and will set up appointments to visit your dealership. Elevate your business above the competition by bringing the helpful attitude and assistance of live customer service to your Web site’s visitors and see the results immediately. Consumers are now more independent than ever, but everyone still enjoys the comfort of having someone available to answer their every question in real-time.

What It Is. Engage in direct conversation with your customers.

  • Our 24/7 online chat service acts as a concierge to your Web site’s visitors.
  • Specially trained chat agents can make appointments, facilitate after-hours orders, and provide customers with directions to store location(s).
  • Prevent the missed opportunities that come from sub-par service.

How It Works. Our online chat service guarantees results.

  • A button will be placed on the Web site’s homepage, which will allow each visitor the opportunity to get answers to their questions immediately.
  • Once a visitor lands on the Web site, our chat agents will engage with the customer using a customized strategy based on the algorithms of your company’s Web site and it’s visitor habits.
  • Our specially trained chat agents will then answer any questions that visitors have about your company and it’s products or services in real-time.
  • The entire conversation transcript between the visitor and the chat representative is sent to you, along with any other information you would need about the customer for your records or to conduct a follow-up.

The Chat Representatives. Our chat agents are experienced sales people focused on increasing your business.

  • Agents are available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide customers with unparalleled service and are trained by veteran entrepreneurs and business owners with years of sales experience.
  • We extensively research and interview our clients so that our chat agents will be part of the seamless flow from active engagement to customer loyalty.
  • Each chat agent working for you will be specially trained to handle your business specifically.
  • Our chat service will soon be available in many languages besides English, including Spanish, French, Polish, Russian, and several other Eastern European languages.

The Results That Count. See the results that you want - NOW.

  • Chat agents at Today’s Digital Solutions convert over 56% of all customers they engage into full-blown leads.
  • Your online show room can now be fully staffed 24/7, increasing your ROI and revenue.
  • Companies with live chat assistance built into their Web sites have a much greater chance of attaining each visitor’s information and earning their business.
  • Our online chat service reduces the number of missed opportunities as a result of poor customer service.
  • Try out our 24/7-chat service and see the difference immediately.

What separates eShark from any other chat service is the real life, hands-on success that Today’s Dealer Solutions employees have had as sales people, business owners and automotive enthusiasts that embrace the true spirit of entrepreneurship. At Today’s Dealer Solutions, our site conversion rates have reached excesses of 62%, a direct effect from teaching our chat agents exactly what it will take to get a prospective customer engaged and convert them into that final sale. eShark will affect your business immediately by providing more than just information on your dealership’s Web site. Our service turns visiting a Web site into a conversation, proven to increase the number of organic leads you receive and the amount of traffic visiting your dealership both in-person and online. TDS works with dealerships of all varieties, ranging from those that primarily sell domestics to others that specialize in luxury and high-end vehicles and exotics. No matter what your dealership’s inventory is, Today’s Dealer Solutions can help you take your business to the next level.

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