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As consumers become more knowledgeable and aware of your market’s competition, each customer becomes more empowered and valuable to you. At Today’s Dealer Solutions, we make sure to give each visitor to your Web site the attention and respect that they deserve in order to generate more appointments and increase traffic to your dealership. TDS will not only help market your dealership online, but also directly to your constomers’ handheld device, through measurable mobile marketing.

Today’s Dealer Solutions’ dynamic eShark chat service was developed by Marla R. Cardenas & Tom Hogan, who have more than 60 years combined of hands on dealership financing industry experience. This understanding, along with a dedication to training and quality customer service, is what makes eShark one of the most proven and efficient chat systems in the automotive customer assistance industry.

At Today’s Dealer Solutions, we understand the continuously changing landscape of online automotive sales. Our goal is to drive traffic from your website to your dealership and increase your business immediately. Leverage the internet to grow your fixed operations revenue and decrease dependency on third party lead collectors. We aim to help you and assist your customers in any way possible and our eShark agents will treat each customer that they engage in a respectful and caring manner.

Since we value your customers as much as you do, we developed the UR Approved program so that your dealership is now able to generate its own high-quality leads. Additionally, UR Approved provides your prospective customers with pre-approval for special financing, something that everyone is searching for.

Take your dealership to the next level through active engagement.

Our goal is not only to deliver more confident and quality customers to your dealership, but we also aim to empower you as the business owner in order to increase your sales and leads and separate your dealership from the competition.

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