Mobile Solutions Video.

Mobile Solutions Video

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eShark Live Chat, Measurable Mobile Marketing, & Special Finance.

Automotive consumers begin their research and eventual purchase through many different platforms of technology. As customers become increasingly powerful in the digital marketplace, it is your responsibility to meet the needs and trends of today’s buyers. At Today’s Dealer Solutions, we know what it takes to go from a lead to a sale. TDS will separate your business from competing dealerships by building relationships with customers through active engagement, real-time conversation, and finance experience. Build long-term bonds with a loyal customer base and generate increased sales.

Our state of the art marketing services will increase your dealership’s ROI by providing your customers with the attention and quality personalized service that they deserve. As a business owner, you are always looking for new ways to prevent the loss of prospective customers - Today’s Dealer Solutions will ensure that our 24/7 eShark online chat service, measurable mobile marketing, and special finance services will increase both the sales and service functionality of your dealership.

The leader in customer engagement marketing and service for automotive dealerships.

Stop worrying about missed sales opportunities and let Today’s Dealer Solutions make sure that your customers find what they’re looking for every time.

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